Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chana Days

Lesson for the day: July 1-5 is Chana Days. I hope you celebrate to the best of your ability and I hope your celebration includes a snow cone.

Fred and I "discussed" what day my birthday was last week. It went something like this:

F: My birthday is on a Tuesday this year. Yours is on a Sunday."
C: Um. No mine is on a Friday. As in NEXT Friday…wait what day is my birthday??
F: July 5.
C: Are you serious? You think my birthday is on the 5th? Wow. It's on the 3rd.
F: Are you sure?
C: Yep.
F: Did you change it from the 5th?
C: Nope. Ask my mom.
F: But Chana Days is from the 1st to the 5th. Why would your birthday be right in the middle?
That doesn't even make sense.
C: Yeah remember how you don't know my birthday? And we've been married for how long?

We're so in love not even dates make sense...


Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

That's OK, I have been married 12 yrs and for the 1st time he forgot. When I started to question him, he could not figure it out. I had only been reminding him all month.

Amanda said...

WOW!!! My brother is like THE best husband ever!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we will have to start sending him a reminder every year! :o)

He, word verification is.....panti! As in panties! LOL!!

Amanda said...

too bad i missed Chana days with you, I think I heard some sort of fireworks going off in your honor though...

kate said...

That's funny.

Happy Be-lated!

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

That's hilarious! Hope you had a great birthday!!

The Barton Family said...

i love you chana :)

Nick and Dyanna said...

ha ha that's funny. Tell Fred you will change it to the 5th for him next year. Who says you can't?