Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

How many times can you say that you've kept a New Years resolution? If I answered this question I think my answer would be "um. like never. maybe?"

This year one of my resolutions not make resolutions.
So I'm a huge tv junkie. love it.

While in college, my roommates and I may have been obsessed with One Tree Hill (One Gay Hill as Fred calls it). So in one of the episodes, Haley and Lucas talk about their tradition of making predictions at the beginning of every school year (because all high school students do that). Yeah it was cheesy but...I liked it.

A couple of years ago, My sister Erin and I did the same thing. Kind of. We both wrote down a list of goals and a separate list of predictions for the 2007. We sealed them in an envelope and put them in my durable kid safe (next to my YW's medallions and every school picture anyone ever gave me). Yeah maybe it was a little dorky and I shouldn't admit that we got the idea off of a tv show but at the end of the year it was so funny to look back and read what we thought would happen and what our goals were for the year.

It was also much more fun than resolutions. To me resolutions are a bit...lame. Yeah I make them every year...but they are also broken by about February.

This year I'm going to create a list of predictions and goals and seal them like I did a couple of years ago - and i'm going to make "stuff" happen.
Do you make resolutions? Do they stick?

This is how we celebrated New Years (we were together...the pictures make us seem like we didn't):


Amanda said...

Have I ever told you that I wish I still lived out west???

I'm just curious!!!


Sara said...

Hmmmmmm..... I sitll watch that show is that bad?!

Alyssa and Jared said...

Hey! This is Alyssa (Johns neice) I was hoping that you could send some of the girl jumping pics to me => My email address is Thanks! Cute blog by the way! =>