Monday, December 8, 2008

Hermana Taylor and the Dirty Dirty

My little sister left for her mission this last Wednesday. So while this will be short in order to stop the crying know that its sincere and could be much much longer but my water logged keyboard can't hack it.

Erin is headed to the Louisville, Kentucky Spanish speaking mission. She is going to be an amazing missionary. She is one of the people that immediately becomes your friend and is genuinely interested in you and your life. She's a crazy ball of energy who has no volume control.

I've been telling her for months that it's basically like she's dying for 18 months--which I know it isn't but I feel like it is.

She doesn't actually leave for Kentucky until February so for the next couple of months she's living 10 minutes from my parents house…but without contact.

When we took her to the MTC, I immediately started crying (I also cried the whole way over and am crying now). She was all smiles though. It was so irritating. I'm glad that's all over with because the MTC was the worst experience of my life. You have a missionary leaving soon…say goodbye at your house. Like Sydney did.

I already miss you En. Hurry home.

My older sister Sydney will is in charge of the mission blog so if you'd like to follow Hermana Taylor on her mission in the Dirty Dirty visit her blog (little N)

Blogspot is being lame so it isn't loading the page entirely...which is why there are no pictures and her blog isn't a link. Deal with it.

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