Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bachelor Week

next week I'll be in Utah for work. All week. I'm really excited to see friends and family but NOT excited about the freaking cold weather. Guess I'll have to find non-flip flop shoes to wear.

I'm going alone. Freddie-pants is staying here for school. Usually when I'm gone our house turns into a bachelor pad. The gross kind - not the look-how-cool-my-stuff-is kind.

Please bless he:
  • eats something other than pizza rolls
  • washes the baking sheet between pizza roll meals
  • flushes
  • doesn't deem the week as naked time and therefore leaves clothing allll over the place

  • does his own dishes
  • watches all his boring tv shows, movies, and lame anything so i don't have watch them ever
  • cleans up his nastiness before I get back

  • doesn't "need" anything expensive
  • survives

If you're in AZ please feel free to go play with Fred and check to see if he's still alive...just call ahead.


Abbey said...

If you have extra time and wanna get together, I'd love to see you... however, I know you're quite popular so I understand if you're busy. AND, I am not attached to my child anymore (I'm done nursing) so we could actually go out and do something!! Let me know!!

kate said...


I'm nodding my head at all of those things. It's the story when I leave as well.

Have fun in Utah. Let's play when you get back.

Oh, and Abbey..

You could have loads of Chana {and Kate} time if you come visit sunny AZ.

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

Kevin seems to be the same way... I think it is built into the DNA... He at least will clean the house back up before I get back, all my plants may be dead, but the house is clean, and in the end, what I don't know what kill me.

Jared and Delia said...

Ha ha. Have a fun trip.

Laura W said...

Does it help to know that he misses you? That he is lonely? I swear they are like puppies and babies, they can be so cute and pitiful looking that you just can't stay upset at them.