Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello Old Friend

when we moved from Utah to Arizona we suspended our Direct TV. We did this knowing that once we got to AZ we'd cancel because our contract was up and our new complex would most likely not let us have a dish. So...we suspended the service and got excited about not being attached to the tv (hello...we all know I'm addicted to my shows).

Well, on Monday I realized we had yet to cancel. So I called - and after about 30 minutes of being the mean/disgruntled customer I was beat. The lady informed me that the first guy was stupid when he told me our contract was up - because it wasn't. So...we had to get it again or pay $350 to get out of it.

$350 no thanks. So guess who had Direct TV reinstalled today. Us. and guess who is secretly really excited that DVR is back...ME ME ME!

Bachelor parties anyone??

**But don't worry. We've already promised each other that we'll turn it off and do stuff.

So new AZ friends...we need your help. call us. play with us.

Oh and thanks for the positive comments on my picture below - I still hate it but feel a little better.

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Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

Bachelor Party when you come to UTAH!! I'm excited!!