Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things that bug me

**is post is purely venting**
  • the freaking school bus(es) that charge through our complex at 7am. We wake up to their screeching every morning. So every morning I wake up wanting to grab a gun and shooting it's tires out. This also applies to the dude on his motorcycle.

  • housework that never ends. I work from home which means I see it all day but can't exactly take time to clean because hello...I'm working. 'why doesn't your husband help?' good question. He'll "do it tomorrow" (another venting topic in and of itself).

  • the lady upstairs walks as though she's 450lbs. Not okay. It's also not okay to wake up to your "activities" at night. gag.
  • my red face, peeling skin, chappy lips, and breaking hair - thanks accutane (1.5 more months...)
  • having wants that exceed our budget. sure we need to retag our cars but I also neeeed this new program for my cricut, a new golf bag wheeler thing (forgot what they're called), new clothes, decent shoes, decorations, pictures printed, and the list goes on. I'm trying to be content...trying hard...

  • being head over heels for my hubby. why is this a prob? because I'm wrapped around his finger. you want me to make you breakfast? sure...anything for you. in the words of my mother-in-law, "once you do something for them you're screwed". She's right.

But I also have things to love right now:

  • having a great husband even though he sucks at helping around the house

  • my home, family, job, and safety

  • new and old friends

  • white grape crystal light packets

  • Lady Antebellum's new album

  • the fact that I get to see family and friends soon (without paying an arm and a leg!)
  • oh and i just won a free photo session with Cherie Hogan holla....


Jared and Davian said...

Chana I love you! You make me laugh so much. Just tell it like it is sista don't sugar coat it.. love it!

Cherie said...

Thanks for the shout out!
I used to have these people that lived above me... they would have screaming matches for like 2 hours, then have sex the rest of the night, usually this happened at least once a week! haha

Amanda said...

Okay, the things that bug... School buses,lousy neighbor, accutane-- All things that will come to an end. As far as your housework that never ends, no worries, I know you and your house, it's nothing that is out of control, just stuff you notice. And your husband that doesn't help, let me know if I need to make a call and chew him out! You know I will! And it is a good sign that your list of things to love right now is longer than your list of things that bug! Good Sign :) I hope to see you this weekend!

kate said...


rants/ and venting are okay by my book.

Caro said...

I hate loud neighbors. That's why i never picked a place that has someone on top after living one year of hell in the past.

Delia said...

Yay a free photography session. To dress up and get pictures taken should surely lift your spirits!