Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Weekend

P I C K . I T
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I'll be catching a chick flick with a new friend, relaxing, hitting up the ikea sale, stopping by Michaels, and maybe even the goodwill. Mostly just getting out of the house and enjoying this gorgeous Arizona weather!

Hopefully I'll get to craft on my new cricut, finish one of my crafty projects and do some laundry too.

What are your plans?


The Barton Family said...

I'm dying to get some projects done on MY new cricut....

Delia said...

you have a cricut! ah! I am turning a little green here. Have fun! I might try ice skating at Merlin Olsen with skates this time. :)

kate said...


i'm glad that i was involved in your fun weekend!

erica said...

what you have a new friend already? I've lived in Colorado 2 1/2 years and I'm still at 0 when it comes to the friend did you do it?