Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So lately I think in blog. I think about all the things I want to blog about and start 'writing' it in my head. Usually this happens before bed - just after the bejeweled gems fade from my mind but before I fall completely asleep. Because of when this happens...I don't get out of bed to write it down and I promise myself that I'll remember it the next morning.

I never do.

I have lots of post thoughts but they all need accompanying pictures because posts without pictures are lame - so it all boils down to I'm lazy and never have my camera out. Oh and I hate always being the one to take the pictures. I'm vain. I want to be in them.

so this is me - promising to take and to make fred take pictures of me so I can blog about stuff.


Caro said...

Your lucky I have no idea what to blog about these days.

kate said...

Ha. That's so me. All the time!

p.s. sometimes i have a complex about posting too much, but just need a place to write down my weird thoughts, so i have close to 25 posts in my inbox that were never published! ;)

Delia said...

No kidding. Whenever something remotely exciting happens around here, Jared will say something like, "Oh, that is blog-worthy." I have often felt like I end up living for my blog. I just have to remind myself to turn the tables the other way around.

Cherie said...

I love it, that's what I do too. Even write them in my head then try to write them later and it's not as good.
I also went through a bejewled gem phase when i was pregnant and did absolutely nothing at my job besides answer phones and surf online.
Sounds like we got a lot in common!