Thursday, May 26, 2011

Freddie's Graveside

On Saturday, April 23rd we buried our baby.

We held a graveside service for our son, inviting only close friends and family.
It was windy. cold. and not sunny like the weather had promised.

My dad conducted and spoke briefly about our son and the Savior, my best friends sang Families Can Be Together Forever, Fred spoke, my sister Sydney read a poem, we all released balloons in honor of Freddie, and Fred's father dedicated the grave.

It was perfect.
I wanted to share the talk Fred gave. He did such an amazing job and I know our little boy was there and was so proud.

It’s hard to know where to begin in speaking about Freddie’s short journey here on Earth.
As parents, we all want the best for our children. For us, the best for Freddie involved the hardest decision and heartache ever imaginable. We had faith the Lord had a plan and the faith to follow our promptings as hard as it might be.

We were so blessed to be able to spend a week with our perfect son. To have precious memories to hold on to of his sweet personality. We wish that everyone was able to meet Freddie. He had a spirit about him that was indescribable. At 23 weeks, he was born this tiny, perfect baby. He had long bony fingers, HUGE feet, eyelashes, Chana’s chin, my ears, and a good sized Taylor nose. He was born bald but by day 5 he had fuzzy hair and a unibrow. He was beautiful.

There was nothing better than sitting beside him with his tiny fingers wrapped around yours. He was always willing to hold your hand until you wore out your welcome – at which time he would quickly pull his hand out of yours and NOT give it back. Chana’s favorite thing was to tickle Freddie’s big feet. He immediately reacted by pulling his feet away, spreading his toes, and scrunching his face in annoyance.

We once fought over the duty of changing diapers when the baby came – however when our story changed and we were given the opportunity to change his tiny diaper a handful of times it was something we almost fought over to be able to do it. I never thought I would be excited or come running to change a diaper.

Holding our son was the greatest moment of our lives. How something so small and almost weightless could capture your heart so completely was amazing.

The final moments we had with our son only solidified our testimonies of the Gospel as we could feel the comfort and peace of Heaven surrounding us. We knew this was part of God’s plan and that our son had an important mission to complete in Heaven. As one of God’s most valiant sons, he had only needed to come to Earth to gain a body. We are so grateful he chose us. This little boy has changed our lives and the lives of so many others in his short journey.

We know we will see him again and that we will be able to raise our perfect son. In the meantime, we have a guardian angel watching over us, preparing our future children, and serving valiantly in Heaven.

Freddie – Thank you for picking us. We love you more than words could ever convey. Thank you for your perfect example. We will be working hard to make it back to you. We pray that you will always be with us. We hope you’re telling your brothers and sisters how great but sometimes annoying we may are and that you’ll watch over the rest of us.

We are so proud of you and your perfect example. We’re proud to be your parents.We couldn’t ask for a more perfect son to carry on my name.

Fred Joseph Wald VI you will be missed, celebrated, and will always hold a giant piece of our hearts. We know we will see you again and can’t wait for that sweet reunion.

We love you.

We cried because we miss our little boy. We smiled because we have memories of our week with him.
We know he's safe and whole and most importantly happy. We know we'll see him again.


Abbey said...

You're so pretty Chan. I so wish I could have been there. It looked like a great day with you and Fred surrounded by the people who love you most.

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

What a perfectly worded talk! What an amazing job Fred did. Thanks for taking me and showing me his grave, even with all the snow. That was a very tender moment that I will always remember. Love you!

Lindsey Jensen said...

That was such a beautiful talk. You two will forever be amazing parents with sweet Freddie there to love, support and guide you from the other side. What an amazing blessing to be granted such a perfect son, a sweet reunion that will be one day!

OurHappyFamily said...

What a BEAUTIFUL post! BEAUTIFUL talk! BEAUTIFUL couple and family you guys are! Chana I love you and am so thankful our paths have crossed! I'm so grateful I was able to meet and hold little Freddie. He truly was a piece of heaven.What a special day!

I'll sure miss you friend!!! xoxo

Tori said...

Chana, you and Fred have been in our thoughts and prayers. I have been trying to get the courage to write something,for fear that it would come out wrong. But I feel blessed to read of your strength and courage and your testimony amazes me. I have felt up until recently that death was a scary, dark thing but have realized that with the gospel how peaceful and comforting the knowledge we have is. Your little guy was amazing and had amazing parents!! I will continue to keep you in my prayers!

Amanda said...

Wow. I really am impressed with you guys. Fred's talk was so great. I still can't believe all of this happened, it doesn't seem real. You two, with out a doubt, were chosen for Freddie. It was so good to see you yesterday, I have missed you.

Austin and Whitney Cooley said...

That talk was amazingly beautiful! Thank you for posting it on here and sharing it with all of us!