Thursday, July 31, 2008

Did You Know??

Did you know that you can google things on your phone?? Without the internet?

All you do is text google (466453) and get whatever you need. It's free (well depending on you text plan). Go ahead get addresses, phone numbers, movie times, and more!

Another cool text trick is Cha Cha. Not the dance. Text 242 242 and you can get any question answered. For example: Who was kicked off SYTYCD last night? How many calories do you have to burn to lose a pound? Is there an H&M near my hotel in LA?

It's awesome! They have some data base that they can answer just about any question and again it's free!! Woot!

So try them out!


Kristina Curtis said...

I love cha cha!!! its the coolest thing ever! I learned that the slowest marathon time was 6 days!! Random-I know!
So we have only breed our shih tzu a few times. We aren't real big in it, but its fun every once in awhile! But you should totally get a dog. they are the best companions one could ask for--even if you already have a 28 year old child--lol!!

Anonymous said...

I know! I love free google texting. It has saved my bacon many a time. I'm glad your coming to the dinner- it will be good to actually talk to you in person, rather than this "internet chat" business. I want to see you and catch up! Yay!

Sydney said...

Thanks for reminding me to cha cha. We did it last night and we're transfixed with the results.

jess said...

i knew about the google, but had just heard of cha cha this past thursday!

have you ever tried goog 411? it's VERY cool if you are in the car and need a telephone number. you dial 1.800.GOOG.411 (4664.411) and tell the little computer man what you need. he finds it and connects you for free... it's awesome.