Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Freddie Poo!

Today is Fred's 28th birthday!

He is of course golfing this morning. We're heading to Branson tomorrow for more birthday celebrations including my amazing mother in-laws birthday.

We are in Arkansas right now hanging out with the family so watch for more pictures and stories.

Here are some previews:

-Yesterday our nephew Kourtland was baptized. My wonderful husband told him I I got enlisted to sing. I sang 'He Sent His Son' the primary song. I didn't practice until yesterday morning and lets just say the tune was way different in my head. Luckily it worked out. Woot. I performed for my first time in five years. It must have been successful because my other nephew Kadance asked if I was going to compete on American Idol. That's a no.

-My newest nephew Lukas was farting it up in Relief Society. I mean huge farts that silenced the room because you weren't sure who they came from.

-I rock at sing star. Any challengers?
- I love the South. LOVE IT. I love the crazy people...the Southern hospitality...the beautiful scenery...and my favorite element-the architecture.


Sydney said...

Happy Birthday Fred!

Love the highlights so far....the baby farting makes me laugh.

Enjoy Branson!

Nancy/Bob said...

Happy Birthday Fred! Sorry We forgot to call and sing to you. By the time we got Sydney's boys to bed it was too late your time. Oh well Have Chana Sing to you for us. Be careful Chana you will end up moving back to Arkansas. We liked the area when we were back there last year.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Fred! It sounds like you guys are having fun in the South. Oh, and we just got back from backpacking in Canyonlands and Joseph ate this fish in a can thing. Gross. His pack smelled like stinky fish the rest of the trip. It made me think of "STINKY DESO CHANA". I could not stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! John is jealous you are there visiting... Me not so much. have fun!!

jess said...

wow i had no idea fred was so damn old. and BRING it sing star chica! i WILL SLAUGHTER YOU.

your word verifications are ridiculous tonight. if you care.