Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cali Day 1

I'm in Anaheim! woot! Ayano picked me up from the airport. We shopped a little, which was really anticlimatic because I didn't buy anything.

When we finally made it to the hotel, we got settled and then walked to Downtown Disney for dinner. (Note: Tortilla Joes- Good but not great. Definitely more hype than anything)

In my hotel room, I have a big king sized bed...and a handicap shower. Why is it that my hotel rooms always have handicap showers. This one is better than the one in Tennessee but still!

Here is Ayano modeling the handy seat in the shower...just in case your legs get tired and you need to take a rest. I wonder how many bums have been on it?

And yes oh yes we couldn't stay at a hotel without these spectacular jumping pictures!!

It was so good to see Ayano. That first year was probably my favorite year of college. We have some of the funniest memories.
Some of my favorite memories are: CRAC 9 (that was our apartment's name, it stood for: Cyndy, Rachael, Ayano & Chana apartment #9), Bob the Bachelor t-shirts, Sunday dinners with McKell and Hilary, learning crude japenese phrases, all the boys and the drama, school activities, and many many more!


Nancy/Bob said...

Chana, It is good to see you and Ayano. You both look older and more intelligent since that first year in college. I just read Sydney's comments about your desk and my kitchen table is that a complement from Her? Have a great time in California. Love ya

jess said...

i wish i was a midget, too, so i could do those jumping pics. and how the hell do you do those? is it a timer? how do you get it just right?? does it take a million takes???

IM JEALOUS. tucson isn't that cool. and i don't have a big handicap-accessible shower, either.

Anonymous said...

Ayano! Penis-butter sandwiches....oh I love that Japanese girl! Always a good time. I hope you guys had a blast. I looked like you did! Love ya.

rachael said...

aww man- im a bit jealous of the semi-reunion.. maybe next time we can all get together, take some ham around to random houses, and sing and dance...just like old times---