Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bonjour ma petite

Tonight I had to go to a business dinner with a company that wants to partner with ours. I'm still learning about partnering so really this was just a free meal for me.

We went to a restuarant called The CellIar. It was great. It was really fancy. Like the kind of fancy that when they bring out your meal there is a silver cover over it. Wow. For a small town girl like myself this was all sorts of fancy-schmancy. I even showered and put on heels for such an occasion.

There is really no reason for this post except for that I was excited that I got to eat somewhere that cost over $30 for my entree and probably over $50 for my complete meal. Oh and I didn't have to pay a penny of it-that was the real reason I was so excited!


erica said...

Who knew there was such a cool job in Logan that allows you to fly all over the country and eat at such fancy places. I don't know if I'm worth to be your friend!

Cynthia said...


The Railsback's said...

I am so bummed that we forgot to do a jummping pic in san diego! I hope we can see you guys soon we miss you!

jess said...

um, what did you order? and how did you pronounce it? i just checked out their menu and i was intimidated.