Friday, March 21, 2008

Weight Loss Secret

Many of you out there are wondering how Fred and I have maintained our freakin' hot bods recently. I receive email after email asking, "how is it that your bum stays so round?" I haven't been willing to share this secret in that past but I feel as though now is a good time. Especially after this week:

The secret: Girls Scout Cookies
Yep it's that time of year when one spends $30 on cookies that'll last maybe a month. This year we purchased 8 boxes. I got them on Monday...Fred's two boxes are gone. I'm down one box of Somoas (eating the last one as we speak) and half box of Thin Mints (both of which I was sure that Fred would eat because HEELLOO they are amazing but nope. He hates them both. More for me.)
So readers, get to the store buy from those girlies sitting outside (which from the locations I've seen the moms are doing all the work) and be sure to stock up because like Christmas this time of happiness only comes around once a year!

Don't forget that all the cookies freeze! So really...STOCK UP!
Did I say weight loss?? I meant gain.


Kelsie said...

Pretty sure Samoa's are my all time favorite cookie! Devin and I have already eaten 3 boxes of them and we can not wait to buy more! I can not even believe Fred doesn't like them? They are mmmm delicious!!

thetaylors said...

I still have cookies in my freezer from last year, and Jason bought six more boxes.

Jared and Davian said...

CHANA!!! Aahh I found you! How you ask? Really I'm unsure the exact way but it was from clicking from blog to blog and BAM there is your sister's blog so I check and there you are listed on the side!

I am not so sorry to be bursting into your life though! I am so excited I found you. I love blogging and am looking forward to keeping in contact with you. Your blog by the way is so cute! You need to not be freaked out about how excited I am. (You know we were both pro stalkers back in the day!) Hope you don't mind if I keep peeking in on your life now!

I must admit that I too spent money, $21 to be exact - sshh, Jared doesn't know that part - on cookies that my husband doesn't even like. Who knew? Not me! I just blame it on it's the first year of marriage and I am learning new things about you everday!

We need to keep in touch with eachother. I keep thinking of the last time I saw you, do you remember? You came into my work and we talked for a few minutes. It was a few months before your wedding. Remember you showed me the worlds smallest picture of Fred from your cell phone. Let me just say the pictures on the blog are much better! You two are so cute together.

Hope you made it home safe from your long week apart from Fred! Sounds like you had an interesting trip.

Happy Easter,
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Sydney said...

Jared asked me to investigate the ingredients on Samoa's. He says there has to be some sort of addictive ingredient that makes it so he puts one cookie in his mouth after another!

I for one don't like coconut so I, no likey. i read on someone's blog that she might as well lick them and stick them on her butt:) So, your butt CAN stay round if you do it that way!

The Duncan Family said...

It's Samantha. I sent you an invitation to the shower like two weeks ago and it just came back to me today. Sorry about that. It is on Friday at 7:00.

Mauri said...

I've actually been on a Cadbury Mini Egg diet. It's going quite well so far. You should check it out!

Anonymous said...

Chana, so that's how you have such a cute bum!!! I need to get me some cookies then! I have been eating all my kids easter candy because Taylor refuses to eat it! So I thought i'd be nice and eat it all for him. And right in time for me to get into a swimsuit in Mexico! Amber