Thursday, March 13, 2008

My last day

Today I was finished kind of early. So I looked up some trendy Chattanooga places to eat and set off on the adventure of eating by myself...
I chose to go to Aretha Frankenstiens for a mid afternoon snackie. Online I found some reviews and based on those I went with a bacon and egg biscuit. yum yum. These southerners know how to make their biscuits! This place puts a little sugar on top...mmm mm mmm!

After my awkward experience of eating alone in an empty restaurant (more like coffee shop). It was super awkward. I don't think I'll be making a habit of going by myself. I like the whole eating it my hotel room better.
For the next 2 hours I drove around the residential parts of Chattanooga. Completely loving every single second of all these huge plantation houses. This was probably one of the highlights of my trip. I fell in love with this area more and more.

I walked around a bit, wandered into a bookstore where a book club was meeting. The book club consisted of a group of big gospel singing type women. A woman began to read her story that she wrote and sang parts of it (when telling about the church choir) I couldn't help but love her. I love the people out here. They are big, southern God fearing, happy, kind people and I love 'em all!

If you ever find yourself coming to Chattanooga let me know! I'll fill you in on the places I've loved!

I am so excited to go home tomorrow! this is the longest Fred and I have been apart since we got married...Chana no likey.

Oh and these pics were taken from my cell phone. they look good huh!


Amanda said...

Just keep falling in love, we don't mind! We will just stand by and watch! Tell that company of yours to keep sending you this way!! We like!!!!!!!

Abbey said...

I'm glad that you had such a good time on your trip. I've been thinking about you all week!! I've also been thinking about cake batter ice cream all week as well. Yummmm...

Laura W said...

You can see now, why we have such a problem really entertaining the idea of moving from here. I get enticed by the idea of living around members and my kids. But the south is soooo friendly and beautiful. And I do love those huge covered porches, they are the best.