Monday, March 3, 2008

Things I NEED

Lately I've found myself wishing for a lot of things. Things that I NEED.
I'm dying for:
-A house to call my own. Not an apartment. I want multiple rooms, multiple cabinets, storage space, a yard, a garden, a PANTRY, a hall closet, more than one bathroom, an average sized bedroom...etc.
-Fred to be done with school so we can buy the house mentioned above and be making the big bucks!
-Spring to be here! I'm so tired of the snow, the cold and the scraping of windows every morning. I long for green grass, sunshine, shorts, flip flops, and flowers.
Note: I have officially declared my own spring and started wearing flip flops today. No more closed toed shoes.
-a vacation. A spring break from work, school (for Fred), the cold and life in general. Good thing we are headed to San Diego next month for a wedding. If only it was forever.
-A hobo wallet. I NEED this one. I think that Mauri and I came up with a way for me to justify it as well.
- A weekend with my mom and sisters. This should take place somewhere warm like St. George or California.


Cynthia said...

Oh man Chana it sounds cold and not fun, but those are all good things to wish for. If you were wishing I would come to Provo for a week I could grant you that one. We will be in Provo on Sat and stay till Wed. I really would love to see you.

Amanda said... was in the 70's here all weekend!!!!!!!! Come on down!!

Sydney said...

Ah yes, when should this weekend take place? Sign me up, I'm there! Or, wouldn't you prefer a painting party at my house??? Taco Johns??

I don't get the Hobo wallet. Please explain it to me. If you get it, can I have your old wallet?

Kelsie said...

Chana... sad enough I need the same things! Although I am probably just out of the loop, but I have no idea what a hobo wallet is!

Nancy/Bob said...

Let's plan the girls weekend. You will have to find a neutral location so that all the girls can come. Start looking now. I would plan it but you know me I can't even get an airplane ticket in my name without making a mistake.

Britt said...

Chana-- weird, I totally stumbled across your blog. We just barely started one as well! I think the last time we ran into eachother was at Walmart in Springville like over a year ago. Anyways, seems like you're doing well. Congrats on getting married-- you guys are so cute together!

Anonymous said...

Chana! Thanks for coming down and playing! Hope all is well on your business trip! Believe me, a house to call your own is not all that you imagine. Think of all the unfinished projects, all the money you have to spend when you need a new lawn mower, weed eater, lawn fertilizer ever 6 weeks, flowers, plants, new light fixtures, misc repairs (plumbing leaks, dishwasher breaking, electrical repairs, new toilet, you get the point...) Yes, if your just built a new house, you wouldn't have some of these, but it is still SO expensive. You would be like me and couldn't afford a $6 wallet, let alone a $100 one! Enjoy your monetary freedom while you can!