Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Loving Tennessee

I love this house. I love the huge covered porch.

Just a pay phone I thought was cute

The old bridge
Here are some pictures I took of the area. They don't do the real thing justice but you can get the idea. Sorry, I'm not in any of them. I didn't want to look like a fool (or asian tourist) and ask some random passerby to take my picture. Awkward.

Today I took my awesome minivan and roamed Chattanooga. I haven't seen anything worth doing until today. While at my conference, I've had plenty of time to research the area. Today I actually found a good site. So I drove around...saw some cool stuff on the side of the road, parked my car and walked all around Chattanooga.

I loved it. The weather was perfect!! If someone would have been following me they would have been laughing at my reactions to everything. I kept ooo-ing and awe-ing, sighing, and I won't lie...giggling because I was so excited about everything. The only thing that would have made it better is if Fred was here with me!

I LOVE old architecture. Love it love it. I love old southern buildings, houses, sculptures...basically all the cool stuff. The south is the perfect place for me.

I found a great art walk with all the above mentioned factors. I really had the best afternoon.
I completed the evening by getting some yummy mexican food, eating it on my bed while watching American Idol. What a good afternoon.


Amanda said...

All the more reasons for you and Joseph to move back to Arkansas!! Just think how close you would be to all the places you have visited lately!! Just a thought! :o)

Unknown said...

How about we move just across the Tennessee border???

Amanda said...

Hey, we'll take whatever we can get! That is MUCH closer than Utah! Although, I do love the excuse to come to Utah! It wouldn't take a whole day to see each other!!! Just thoughts!!