Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It was bound to happen...

So now I'm in Tennessee. Chattanooga to be exact. Yesterday was quite that adventure...let me tell you!

As previously stated in other entries, something always happen when I travel solo. I had high hopes that this trip would be different but nope not a chance.
Yesterday I finished at my first conference and went back to my hotel, packed up and waited outside for the Iraqi that would take me to the airport. He finally stops by and when I get to the airport everything is hunky dory.
I made it to Chattanooga without incident...until...

I get into Chattanooga around 9:45 PM. I have to get my luggage and my rental car and head into the great unknown of Tennessee. While waiting for my luggage to be loaded on the turny thingy so I thought I'd make life easy and get my car all set. The guy at the Enterprise counter was really nice, he said that I needed to hurry to get my luggage because they take it off after it's gone around twice. So I go sit over there....no bag...wait...still no bag.
Mr. Enterprise tells me to check the other airline ones just in case. Nope no bag.
Now I'm scared. I have nothing with me. Literally all I have is my laptop, power cord, book and conference paperwork.
I go talk to the airline dude where he tells me that it was checked onto the airplane so it's got to be around here somewhere or someone took it. Even better. I have a brand new iPod that I'm giving away in there. Not to mention ALL my stuff!
So Mr. NWA takes my info so that it can be delivered if recovered. At this point I am almost in tears. I go back and wait for Mr. Enterprise to finish with a customer. While waiting I see an older man enter the baggage claim wheeling a red bag...MY bag!
I took off after him and sure enough it was mine! I am the luckiest girl in the world.
He took it by mistake. Unfortunately, he was now missing his bag but I couldn't have been happier! I had mine!


Kelsie said...

Chana this is hilarious! I seriously would not even have the slightest idea how to travel alone! I am sure I would end up with stories just like this!! I am so glad that you found your bag!

thetaylors said...

It's nice to know that other girls get very teary when their luggage is missing. I couldn't get mine out of a locker in Europe and thought that the end of the world was coming. Looking back now, what was I worried about? My backpack full of dirty clothes? At least you had something to be seriously worried about. Ah, the good times.

Nancy/Bob said...

Chana we love you and yes when you do travel alone we wait to see what will happen. You always make it through. Have a good safe trip. Call when you get back into Fred's arms