Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SO Happy to be home

I am so happy to be back in Utah. After spending eight hours in the Cinncinati airport on Friday, anywhere was better but being back in Utah with my husband was the best place to be.

Friday was actually our 6 month anniversary. We had big plans to go on a date but due to my flights being delayed and all that we settled with Taco Bell on the way home and a date on Saturday.

We went to dinner at the new Blackstone Restaurant here in Logan. We've been wanting to try it for a long time and when we finally did--we were less than impressed.

I really liked what they did with the restaurant. Our server, Nicole was great. Our food however was less than spectacular.
Fred got the salmon and I got the pesto chicken. We also got the chips and dip appetizer.
Our appetizer lacked...flavor. It was refried beans with cilantro and a little spice. That was it. It was okay but I didn't think it was worth the $7 we paid for it.
My pesto chicken was...eeeh. It was drenched in pesto. I only ate a little of it.
Fred's Salmon was bland. There was no flavor in that either.
here is another blog that has a lot of feedback on ALL restaurants in Logan (some harsh comments but informative!)

Overall, I think we could possibly give it another shot but we won't be ordering the same things.

We also saw 10,000 BC. I didn't want to see it at first but while on my trip I saw an extended preview and it actually looked really good. It was. I really liked it. (Sorry John and Amber... I made us see something else!)

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