Thursday, January 20, 2011


I think it's safe to say that we're all opposed to lying, right? I mean, honesty really is the best most cases.

But sometimes it's okay to lie.

Here are some of those cases:

  1. on your driver's license: yeah I really do weigh 115lbs or did at one point...and uh I'm "close"
  2. at someone's good news that honestly is quite boring to you Oh my excited!! yawn...
  3. When a friend shows up to something and asks if she looks okay - it's too late so the answer is yes
Here are some cases when it's okay for your husband to lie to you:
  1. instead of saying "oh wow. you were kind of a geek in HS weren't you?" you could say, " were...cute" and move on.
  2. instead of telling your beautiful wife that her breath smells like death - maybe suggest an otter pop or piece of gum
  3. instead of saying, "really? you're going to wear that?" in response to a CUTE outfit - just smile and say "you look cute" or "I love when you wear ______"
  4. instead of calling your wife a wolverine due to lack of eyebrow waxage - maybe make her a spa appointment without telling the spa staff that your wife needs some major help

What situations did I miss??


McKell said...

Ha HA!! PLEASE tell me Fred did not say those things! Good thing you can take it and dish it :)

erica said...

Um I like the fact that you think Otter Pops cure bad breath! hahaha

Here's my lie: When people invite you over for dinner and you just don't feel like going, just lie and say your kid is teething and that you don't think it's a good idea this weekend, but maybe another night! Works like a charm everytime :)

The Millers said...

Oh man I love you Chana...and that is not a lie.

The Railsback's said...

I can think of one!!!!!!!! Sneaky sneak!!!!!!!

Kristina Curtis said...

i just think this image is so fun. and yes I totally lie on my weight on my drivers license....doesn't everyone

Lacey said...

My eyebrows too cause me to look like a wolverine and it makes me so happy when I ask Bo did you notice how gross my eyebrows are and he says 'i didn't notice'. I dont think he is smart enough to lie there but if it was, he is a smart boy.