Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Part-Dos

We completed the first leg of our Christmas vacation in Utah  and then had a long day of travel due to crazy weather conditions in Utah but made it safe and sound to the dirty dirty. We spent a week soaking up family time, southern accents (I came home with one), and our favorite Arkansas food.

We danced our butts off on New Years with the Just Dance and Michael Jackson Wii games - which I would like to proudly announce I literally scored the same as a six year old if not worse - every time. But I'll have you know I hit every freaking move - the controls just didn't work right when I had them. We also spent a lot of time playing the card game golf every day (thanks dad for teaching us while we were in Utah).

It was really fun to just hang out with Fred's family for a week. We loved it!

Oh and we were horrible about taking pictures. Believe it or not - this is pretty much the only picture I took while I was there

But really - doesn't it fit the whole dirty dirty theme perfectly?

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Caldwell Family 6 said...

Oh Chan, Chan, Chan, you, my dear...Crack me up. LoReLi