Monday, December 7, 2009


Dear Christmas Decorations-
I think you'll make it out of your boxes this year.
No promises though.

Dear Santa-
thanks for stopping by early with the wii.
We love it and you.
don't tell my mom that we already opened it.

Dear Wii Fit-
Thank you for confirming the fact that I have gained a bajillion pounds.
I appreciate it. I also hate your failure music - because I hear it too often.
Isn't balance something you're born with? well - I don't have it. leave me alone.

Dear Grooveshark-
Your Christmas music was just what I needed today
while I worked away on my camping chair at the home office.

Dear foot-
this whole 'hey-I'm-going-to-make-your-life-hell' thing is getting old.
please heal yourself because I'm pretty sure you're ruining my life.

Dear 25 Main-
I need one of your cupcakes. Stat.
Dear unpacked boxes-
please unpack yourselves,
decorate my walls, and
clean up your mess. kthx.
Dear Fred-
I love you. But I'd love you even more if
you'd stop hogging the wii and
share the freaking BBQ kettle chips.
Love- Chana


Caro said...

I so want to get a wii.

Sydney said...

I am old. You get a Wii for Christmas and I get a food rotation system...doesn't seem fair does it?

Maybe some keen observation on my part but doesn't BBQ Kettle chips = weight gain?

Got your gift- hope you love it!

Unknown said...

Shhh. ignore the reference to chips and a cupcake - it was my inner fat girl talking.

Amanda said...

Well...I was going to comment, but Sydney said what I was gonna say! :o)

Chips + Cupcakes= You are wasting you time "exercising" on the Wii!!!

Love you!!!!!!!!!

Jared and Davian said...

Dear Chana,

You make my insides hurt with laughter every time I read your blog! I love it!! I hope all your Dear (fill in the blank)... blog wishes come true! Can you make a wish for my Christmas decor boxes to unpack themselves and for the rest of my crap to jump neatly into boxes? I am having the opposite problem as you do at the moment... I hate moving and packing. Thanks!

With love and appreciation,

Jared and Delia said...

Yay you got a Wii! Now all you need is rock band. :)

Sorry your foot is still bothering you.

Laura W said...

I miss you guys.

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

I love Wii fit!! It still hasn't whipped this girl into shape, maybe because I just play the fun games. :)