Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Time

This year for Christmas, we'd planned on staying home in Arizona but after a couple tears about the fact that we're so new we don't have friends or family close, we decided to look at the possibility of going to Moab to my brothers house.

We toyed with the idea until I got this video:

Is it possible to say no to that? Her mom knows me too well and knows that's a big fat no. So...

I can't wait! We're leaving tonight (we hope) - we're not too excited to be back in the snow BUT we are excited to spend Christmas with family.

I'll try to be good about blogging while we're gone but being surrounded by my eight nieces and nephews might make it hard! Lets be honest - I'll take pictures - okay lets be really honest...I'll TRY to take lots of pictures and blog all about it when I get back.

You know what would really make it feel like Christmas? homemade carmels...mom?

What are you plans for Christmas?


Unknown said...

Don't you worry. Mom has been making batches and batches of caramels. You won't be disappointed in that department.

So glad you're coming. What we gonna do?

Sydney said...

okay, that's weird seeing her name.

That was me, I didn't realize I was still logged in as her {updating her blog}

kate said...

How can you turn down a cutie like that? Yay, I'm glad you guys won't be alone for Christmas!

Oh, and you like chic flicks right? {i'm praying you do, i need a girlfriend to drag along to movies..} If so, I'm thinking a hangout on January 8th to see Leap Year. Let me know what ya think.

Merry Christmas!

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

Call us for sure, cause we will be down around there!!

Jared and Delia said...

Yay! Have fun!