Friday, December 4, 2009

Home is Where Your Crap is

We made it!! We are settling in Arizona after a month in Arkansas. Things are a little crazy so I'll do a quick sum up of our adventures thus far and then you'll just have to wait until we get the Internet.

We got in late Tuesday night. Our friends Ashley and Tyler were nice enough to keep one of our cars while we were gone, come pick us up from the airport, and let us stay the night at their house. We woke up and headed out to find "the place" on Wednesday.

We found it. It was the only one we went to and we loved it. After begging and pleading telling them we were homeless and reeeeally needed a place to stay they got us approved and in that day. so we headed to the storage unit - grabbed what we could and headed home.

This was our favorite feature to the new place...

its HUGE!!

Yesterday was spent unloading out storage unit and taking loads back to our apartment. Now its a matter of getting everything set up, unpacked, and cleaned.

Hopefully we'll be done by Monday and have the Internet by Monday because I have A LOT of work to catch up on!!

Oh and we looove it here. it's perfect weather. Yeah yeah I say that now but July I'll think differently...we'll see.


Jared and Delia said...

Yay congrats on getting a place. I have to admit the winters in AZ are ALMOST nice enough to make me not miss white winters. ALMOST.

kate said...

Oh July. You just might want to check out for the summer. It's hell. I'm not exaggerating either.

Yay on the place it looks niiiiice!!! Garage? Lucky! Are you guys in Chandler then? Give me a shout out when you're caught up on work. un-packed. and settled in. Girls night would be fun!! :)

Kellie said...

Wow guys that looks really great. You are lucky to find just what you wanted the first day. Good job!! Love you guys.

Caro said...

My boyfriend would kill for that garage!

Sara said...

Yay that you found a place and that you are finally in Arizona!! I will admit I am a wee bit jealous