Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Jammies

Last night I started to panic - you see this year I feel a little jipped over the Christmas Season. We haven't had hot chocolate (because we're barely wearing jackets), we haven't had treats (because we're trying to lose weight and have no one to share with), we haven't been to any Christmas parties (because we're new in town), and driving around looking at Christmas lights isn't the same when there isn't snow. So - I haven't really prepared for Christmas.

But Christmas is next week. As in one week. ONE.
So last night after working 9 hours at the computer and going insane- I made Fred go with me to Target to look for Christmas jammies. He wandered off so I went out to search for the cutest Christmas jammies. I found mine and headed to the picked over mens dept.

He finally finds me and looks at the jammies I chose for myself and tells me they aren't Christmas enough. So we head back to find something more...Christmassy.
Here is where I make a mistake - I then told him that he should pick out mine and I should pick out his. Why would I say that??
Well- 20 minutes later we were checking out with me saying, "you don't really like these. We should look at old navy first THEN decide" and him saying "nope. These are the ones".
I can't post a picture of them until Christmas morn but here's a hint - there are squirrels.
Do you get Christmas jammies?


Sydney said...

I can tell you're a newlywed. You took Fred with you.

One day you'll learn to just buy and have under the tree. Then you get what you want and he gets what you want. It works great at our house!

Anonymous said...

Oh we sure do the whole family, including dad, matches. CHildrens Place sells matching adult and kid jammies. This year we had a ward breakfast, PJ's were highly suggested to wear. And there was our family all in the same Pajamas. Yes I'm sure Chris hates me, but it was so stinkin cute! Love you Merry Christmas!

Caro said...

We didnt get any and Darren is too much of a geek to wear any. But we have a ginger bread house to do and he is more excited than I am lol

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

LOVE getting christmas pj's Kevin has been a bahumbug the last several years we have been married something about too many PJS already... blablabla... now that we have Ethan he just needs to deal. There WILL be christmas PJS as soon as I go out and buy them.

Jared and Delia said...

I agree with Sydney...I would have gone alone. :) The squirrels sound disastrous. Yikes. :)

We only do PJ's for the kids but we should do them for each other. Jared usually sleeps in the clothes he wore that day or sweats so I figure what's the point?

Jared and Davian said...

I love Christmas jammies!! I must say we got ours at Old Navy and they are super cute, soft and snuggly... not to make you jealous or anything! And they were on sale last week for 7 bucks - Score! They were "Jingle Jammies" or something for item of the week. I'm a little sad I didn't know that the Chirdrens Place has matching jammies for the whole family. Guess there is always next year!

You can always go buy yourself some cute jammies as "a back up", but say that your Mom sent them or something;) Not that I am encouraging telling lies to your spouse but a girl needs cute Christmas jammies, it's a must! Good luck. I can't wait to see your squirrley Christmas pictures.... how memorable for your first Arizona Christmas!

P.S. Are we still considered newlyweds? Is there a time frame protocol to follow? (Maybe you could do a poll or post on this for me of "how long are you still considered a newlywed".) Syd said "I can tell you're a newlywed"... I stopped thinking I was a "newlywed" over a year ago. Now I'm just an old maid with a stinkin' cute baby!