Monday, February 18, 2008

Love Love Love

So this past Valentines was our first. So of course we're going to go all out. I was put in charge of the festivities so being a girl I decided to surprise him with a steak dinner, then while he was in class I would do something cutesy and romantical.

Here's how it all played out:

Wednesday Night: I made chocolate dipped strawberries. Yummy yummy yummy. He made the comment that he didn't like them very much but that he would eat some so I didn't feel bad. Awesome.

V-Day 3:30: I leave work to go home and clean the house, make dinner, etc before he gets off at 5:00.

3:35: He texts me and asks when I'm getting off. I do the right thing and lie telling him I'll be leaving work around 5. He tells me that he is getting off as we speak. CRAP!

So he gets home. He stays in one room while I make dinner and do my best to try and surprise him even though he's in the same house. (Note: This was my first time making steaks. Good job me. They were great. Thank You Macey's Man for flirting with me enough to teach me how to do it).

When dinner is finally ready, I go get him and he's asleep. Dead asleep.

We eat dinner, where he tells me that he isn't going to class. Umm....what about the rest of my surprises?? CRAP #2.

After dinner, we take a nap. Yes a nap. No I'm not editing what I say. We literally crawled into bed and slept for a good couple of hours. Then I woke up, went and watched Ace of Cakes (excellent show) and he slept for another hour.

I finally woke him up. He was so tired that he couldn't function. He literally couldn't open his eyes. So instead of kicking him out of the house to go get ice cream so I had a chance to salvage my romantic plans, we just decided to cancel them CRAP #3. So the rest of the night was spent on seperate couches, watching Batman Begins. We were in bed by 11PM and DEAD asleep by 11:01.

The next morning he was all recooperated and went downstairs to our neighbors where he had hid a bear for me. He brought that up telling me about his grand plans that were ruined by a long day at work.
We both had great intentions. At least the bar is set REALLY REALLY low so next year we don't have to try too hard.

Love you babe!


erica said...

hahah welcome to married life! Soon you won't even try! Just kidding...good work on being a cute little wife. PS Ace of Cakes is a great show!

Amanda said...

Bummer your plans didn't work out! I am glad that you had a restful evening with steaks. Does that mean we can expect them next time we come out??? Sounds good to me.

Matt got me flowers and had them sent to work. I had to leave early and they didn't get there until I had left! So I got half my Valentines the next day!! Ha!

Ryan James said...

Hey Chana banana! So I stalked your page and read this little Valentines blog and it made me laugh... thought you should know! The end. :)