Monday, February 18, 2008

Bad Hair Year

So lately I've taken a lot of guff for my hair.
I don't have very good luck with my hair nor do I have a ton of common sense so when you put the two together it isn't always pretty.

A couple of years ago, in an attempt to create the perfect poof in the front I blow dryed my hair using a round brush backed by a metal plate. I didn't think anything of holding the blow dryer directly to the hair for a minute. I left it there in order to achieve the perfect poof with the right amount of body. When I removed the brush, I also removed a large chunk of hair, right off the top of my head.

This past summer while in Europe, we were sometimes lucky enough to stay in a hotel with a blow dryer. So on the days that I actually washed and dryed my hair, it was with one of those teeny tiny doll size blow dryers. My hair was a little longer than my shoulders so when I threw my head to the side to blow dry the roots, my hair was sucked up the back of this little contraption and unfortunately had to be ripped out in order to remove the blow dryer from my scalp. This left me with a bunch of tiny hairs about 2 1/2-3 inches long that would stand up in the wind.

My europe strands are beginning to grow back but there is now new breakage. It must be because of the chemicals that recently brought me back to my blonde life and my crappy blow drying jobs.

If anyone has any tips I am all ears and small fly aways.

My current regime is leave in conditioner followed by brutal blow drying and a straight iron.

Ps. Fly away help: Clear mascara does an amazing job at holding the little guys down.


Cynthia said...

Oh Chana what to do with you! I remember countless days of trying to get those bangs to flat iron just right. You are so dang cute. I wish I had the patience you had with your hair. If only I had some good advice. Good luck! We are coming to Provo in Mach. We have to get together!

Laura W said...

Chana you are too funny. I can just see you messing with your hair. We miss you guys terribly, especially when I read things like this because I can visualize you doing them!

Amanda said...

Well, do we ever remember your "bed head". Ha!!! You just need to stop flat ironing it and give it a break for awhile! I know that is not what you want to hear, but it will work. And some hot oil treatments!!!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abbey said...

Are we still on for tomorrow night?