Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Fred loves to play sports. Pretty much if it's active then he'll do it. This Spring he is playing on a couple of different basketball teams.

One of his teams is a USU Intermural team. His team is really good. He plays with a bunch of buddies that are really good!

Tonight was the first game of the tournament. His team won by 22. Woot!

Unfortunately, there was a tiny injury right before half time. Fred was playing defense and while running down the court one of the LAME members of the other team (and I mean LAME because they were all ghetto frat boys) tripped him and he rolled his ankle.

Does this look normal?

His ankle is roughly the size of one and half golf balls...maybe even two. It's huge. The pictures don't do it justice!

He's pretty tough. He played the rest of the game barely limping!


Laura W said...

Chana, this is so normal for him. I think that Joseph plays sports so that he can rough up on others. Unfortunately he sometimes gets the worse of it. Stitches, broken bones, sprained get the idea. Love you son. Mom

Amanda said...

He and Matt are a lot alike! They love to play the sports and get hurt all the time while playing! I agree with what Mom said too!!!

Sydney said...

I'm not too surprised. I think you need to make sure and get a great health insurance plan with a low deductible!