Sunday, March 27, 2011


Days like today make me wish I lived close to family.

Fred has been doing a certification all weekend and after he finished this morning, he had to head to work until 7. Which meant that for me - when church was out at noon...I was on my own.

Normally - I love this time to myself. I love being able to watch my shows, do the laundry, or go sit by the pool for a bit but today not so much. I found myself lonely. No one to play with and no where to ride my bike to.

I found myself wishing and wanting to be able to plop myself on my mom or sister's couch and talk to family and nephews, to tease Easton about giving me a "Christmas Snuggle" (to which the answer is always NO!), or just enjoy a Sunday dinner with family.

Instead I watched a million episodes of Grey's Anatomy (season 2), made jello (with homemade whipped cream from the Our Best Bites Cookbook), and texted Fred about coming home to entertain me.

Poor. Pitiful. Chana.


kate said...

Oh lady. Welcome to my life in AZ. It was like that on my week nights and nearly every weekend. That's why I wanted to get the heck out of dodge.

Sorry! I'd hang out with you If I still lived there. A bike ride in the sunshine sounds AWESOME right about now.

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

Oh, enjoy these moments by yourself, because soon little Freddie will be a non-stop, 24/7 side-kick, and though kids are fun, your "time to yourself" will be fleeting, so enjoy!!

Sydney said...

Come home NOW. That's it. Fred can work at Trafalga and teach kids how to mini-golf and you and I can hang out in the kitchen making and eating jello and counting down the days until little man makes his appearance and then I can snuggle him so you can get a nap or a shower.

We miss you too. Easton is hilarious and I think secretly he likes you, I asked him if you could have one of his snaps the other day and he ran to the back door looking for you. He's just playing hard to get!

Kristina Curtis said...

I will sulk with you, although i am still near family, when i was preggo i had many days like this- its the hormones, i promise. If you were here is UT we would gladly welcome you in our book club!! :)good luck girl. baby will be here soon to consume and keep you entertained.

Adam and Hilary said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! I had no idea until today! YAHOO! You will have an adorable little baby boy!