Monday, March 7, 2011

Wow. I am completely overwhelmed and touched by the outpouring of love and support from all of you.

Thank you! 

My pregnancy has been a breeze so far but it seems that after Friday, my hormones decided that since I was just about 5 months pregnant it was high time to elevate and make me an even bigger bawl baby. Let's just say it's been an emotional weekend where anything and everything involved with a little boy makes me tear up.

I will try to not turn this blog into a blog solely about my pregnancy or solely about little Freddie but know you'll have to suffer through some of it.

Here are some of his 19-week shots:

this one is my favorite


McKell said...

Don't apologize for posting about pregnancy and little Freddie! Since our phone call dates are few and far between, this is the only way I get to hear about your journey through pregnancy! I love hearing about it, and I'm actually disappointed that you don't post more!

Laura W said...

Awww how well I remember the emotional times. Just embrace them. Things will go much better:-) I love the pictures. Glad to see the little sweetheart.

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

I was hoping you would post these. They are great. have you started having cravings yet? I remember mine. mashed potatoes, chery lime-ades, peanutbutter m&ms, and mexican food the spicier the better. embrace the hormones it will give you something to laugh about later.

Stan & Ash said...

Dont ever apologize for posting to much about your babe!! That's what blos are for to show everyone how cute your kids are! So excited for you!!

Chelsie and Trace said...

You can post all the time about pregnancy. If I can say one thing I wish that I did more of when I was pregnant is take belly shots all the time I wish I would have done it more. Pregnancy is lots of fun!