Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On my mind...

a lot of things are consuming my mind these days. It's a big giant jumbled mess of sentence fragments. half ideas. and random thoughts.

Here are a few of the things I can't get OFF my mind:

I haven't had any weird cravings thus far in the pregnancy but one thing that is constant is my need for frozen treats. Popsicles, frostys, Otter Pops, etc - oh I'm drooling just thinking about it. This popsicle maker sounds like it would make all my dreams come true - in like 10 minutes.

Why can't I get enough of this crib? And why do I have to have such expensive taste? We went from most likely getting a hand-me-down crib to probably going to buy one and of course I love this one. We won't be buying anything for a couple more months so I'm hoping I'll hate it by then. *fingers crossed*

Mykonos, Greece

This was one of the stops on my European tour the summer after I graduated college and I am dying to go back. I crave the gorgeous water, white washed buildings, and beautiful scenery.
Note to Fred: take me there. Any time in the next couple years is fine with me. Yes they have golf.

Just over a month until Fred graduates!!

We're so close to being done!! Fred is beyond excited to get into the golf industry full-time and I'm excited to be DONE with school!! He'll still go through the PGA program - but hey it isn't the same! With this one also comes the question of - what next? Where should we go?
Cross your fingers we can find a great job, great pay, and will live happily ever after.

What's on your mind? 


Caro said...

Oh my those look so delicious!!!
I'm pretty sure I would make them and they would look nothing like that.

The Millers said...

When Fred takes you on that trip, make sure he tells Derek. I am dying to go to Greece!

The Railsback's said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that crib! Oh wait, I mean its so UGLY, why would you want THAT one!!!! Yea for graduation! MOVE HERE!!!!!!!

Forever Young said...

So happy for you guys regarding your babes on the way... And by the way those Zoku Popsicles look yummy. I'll take one please:)


Jared and Davian said...

So glad you are feeling well. The ultrasound pictures are so cute too.

Mmmm! Seriously, I want the kiwi Popsicle. That looks so beyond delicious and refreshing. I craved anything fruity when pregnant so I better get that Popsicle maker before the next pregnancy.