Friday, February 18, 2011

Toot Toot

okay so I'm not one to toot my own horn (most of the time), but I think I outdid myself this year on Valentines.

Here's the back story - we kind of sort of suck at Valentines. Our first Valentines together was a joke, #2 I can't even remember, and last year was spent with friends eating pizza and attending a movie. We tend to have a great night but hellsbells there is nothing romantic about Valentines at our house.

This year, I found out I had to go to work for some meetings and would be gone for V-day. When I told Fred he said, "Seriously? Maybe we should just cancel Valentines Day forever?" I kind of agreed.

So off I went for a week of family and friends  work. I spent Valentines as the 5th wheel with some of our best friends the Brady's and the Hunger's. Fred golfed and uh, hung out by himself. poor him.

While in Logan, it's required that I eat at El Toro, our favorite mexican place. I drug my little sis and honorary little sister Laura and her hubby there too. Fred is always really sad about this because he all-time favorite dish, the loco burrito, is served here.

However, being the cool wife I am...I brought him home one. I purchased some tupperware, froze his meal, and packed it in my bag - and luckily it was still frozen when I got home a million hours later.

He was pretty excited and kept telling me how I was the best wife in the world and how he was the luckiest man alive (okay maybe I said those things - but he nodded).

We've set some low Valentines standards here at our house but that's what makes me so awesome this year.


Blake and Aubrei said...

Good job! It was so nice of you to swing by while you were here. I loved seeing your cute face! Next time you must bring Joseph.

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

Glad that the burrito and you made it home safely!

Sydney said...

Glad it actually worked, that was very thoughtful of you if I do say so myself.

Kristina Curtis said...

haha sounds like mine. brady had to work so i hung out with my parents and my sister hit my car-great V-Day