Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The 2011 Phx Open

If you would have told the 15-year old me that in 10 years I would be not only married to a golf fanatic- but I would in fact be turning into one myself I would have laughed in your face and said, "psh. What-EVER". insert appropriate W hand gesture.

One of my greatest friend's growing up belonged to such a family. Her grandpa was a famous Golfer and her dad was in the biz as well. I remember being/living at their house and golf was always on.  She and I would beg, plead, and whine until we were able to watch something we wanted to watch (in most cases that never happened). During those years, I remember promising myself that I would never marry someone who liked golf so much because it was sooo boring.

That must have been when I sealed my fate.

fast forward those 10 years and here I am married to an almost-graduated golf management dude and I'm the one talking about golfers like I know them personally. Super Bowl? who cares! Phoenix Open? Yes please!!

This last weekend, I made sure Fred was taking me to the Phoenix Open because I had to see some of my favorites in action like I did last year. I was soo excited! Sadly, Camilo hurt his back and dropped out of the competition earlier that week. sniff sniff.

How the 15-year-old version of myself would have never volunteered to go to a golf tournament and would have cringed at the sight of me getting annoyed with all the frat/sorority people that were only there for the party - shouldn't they be there because they love the game and the players like we do?

On Sunday, Fred had the opportunity to work on the driving range where all of the golfers warmed up. He was the best husband by making sure he took and sent me pictures of my boyfriend (#2 to Camilo) Rickie Fowler as he warmed up less than 20 feet from Fred. Same with ol' Phil.
He got to rub elbows with some of the pros and even talked to one of the tournament's top golfers (I don't remember who) for 45 minutes getting advice on the industry and talking to him about where/what Fred wanted to do. Professional advice for free.ninety-nine!

oh how we love the Phx Open...


Meg the Mama said...

I love golf! I love that you love golf. Love you:)
(thesuchans= MegDeck)

jess said...

i love golf. i love phil. i love camilo. i even like john daly, even when he was fat. that's all. :P