Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Southern Adoption

Here in Milwaukee I'm solo. Alone. Uno me-o. So tonight when there was an outing I debated whether or not to go because it’s a little awkward being by myself when all of these people mostly know each other. I decided I should attend because it'd be a great opportunity to meet people and it was better than sitting in my room. Oh and there was food. Free food.

While in the lobby I latched onto a group from Kentucky. They were pretty funny. I got lucky in my latching. We walked over and ate and drank a bit.(soda for me…alcohol for them). I had a crazy good luck streak and won the raffle twice. I made them run and grab my prizes and let them keep them.

While waiting for the raffle we went outside where I learned a lot about Kentucky (pay attention Enny) these terms don't apply to all of Kentucky but they do in the Eastern part (so I hear)
  • "Mash" - lemme just mash that button to get outta this program
  • "roastin' ears" - corn on the cob
  • "play pretty" - toy
  • "I don't care to" - can be I don't mind or no
  • "poke" - bag or sack

The next night we went walking around and found a yummy restaurant with the best food. I got this pasta dish (the dish itself was soo cool). After all of our appetizers I could barely eat my yummy food.
Then we went on a walk to see Lake Michigan. We should have gone during the day because it was really dark...and probably not a smart thing to do in a city we don't know.
This is for my Arkansas peeps!

I'm so happy I met these people. They were so funny and really nice to let me tag along and be their designated walker.


Chelsie and Trace said...

That looks like fun!I would feel the same way being by myself! It is good that you went out though! I'm glad to see you are doing good!

Amanda said...

Looks like you had a blast. How bout those Kentucky folk???

Thanks for the VB shout out!! Woot!Woot!!!! :o)