Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Our life is incredibly mundane lately. Which is why I blog about winning purses…its as exciting as it gets 'round these parts.

I'll see what tidbits I can scrounge up in this make-shift post worthwhile to read and get the harassers off my back (you know who you are)

  • School is in full swing. Sometimes I miss it and then when Fred stays at the library all day doing papers on politics (gag) and renewable resources I think, "Oh I am soo glad I'm done and NO I will not write that 5 page paper…ssshhhh Grey's is on"

  • Politics make me want to vomit. I can't wait until November 5th when the election is over. Yeah I went to Girls State--I've got American pride, however I don't think there is anyone worth voting for this year. So I probably won't.

  • We're moving in two weeks. YAY! We are moving into a townhouse style apartment about a mile away from where we live now. It's a little bigger, comes with a mini yard, a garage, and my bff as a neighbor…need I say more? I was recently told that where we live now is "ghetto" and we can't have that.

    *we won't miss: the football player parties until 4 am (what are they celebrating? They aren't good), the weird illegal neighbors, the crap-hole parking lot that hurts to walk on, and doesn't get plowed, the lack of storage space, the crazy cop raids busting through the fence "to catch a suspect armed with a knife", or the lazy landlords.

    *We will miss our downstairs neighbors (who will hopefully move by us soon), the kids in the nursery at church, and the quick walk to Jamba Juice, Smiths, Hastings, and the snow cone shack during the summer.

    (please note that our apartment wasn't that ghetto…on the inside)

  • I've turned into the married couples social director. Call me crazy but I along with a couple of my married friends have started a Bunco group, joined a craft night, planning a big ol' married people halloween party (wanna come? Email me for more info!), and started a dinner group.

    That's about it in our lives. We've got some exciting events coming up so stick it out and wait for the next blog.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing so good! Dang... Now if only I was married I would come to your social group haa Shoot.. Maybe sometime. Until then we should go to lunch or something sometime soon. Oh and you look hot with pink hair!

Camille said...

You are so great... sure wish your moving was more towards down here... but understandable. At least you are away from knife killers and ghettoness :)

Sara said...

And you give me crap about updating more.......How fun you guys are moving into a "not ghetto" house, thats always nice:) I really wish you two lived closer to me:(

Sydney said...

Wow, you need to move closer to me so I can be apart of your social circle. you're totally fun these days!

Miss you, come and visit some time soon (that would be "come and visit mom and dad so I can see you since I'm homeless and don't have a place for you to stay or to have you over for dinner or games")