Monday, May 19, 2008

Reasons I shouldn't go running

I'm trying really hard to be a runner. By "trying really hard" I mean running a couple of miles once or twice a week. Go-getter I know.

After realizing that my chubby-girl pooch has gone from a chubby-girl tuck to a fat-girl-push I've committed to start running every day (gasp). My sports expert husband tells me that if I run every day for even just a month I'll be able to loose what I want (basically from my shoulders to my knees...)

So it's 4:33, I'm "working" and I've brought my stuff so I can go to the gym to run my two miles before going home and getting sucked into the couch. Now that the time is growing excuse list is getting longer.

1. My toenail got ripped off opening a big box and I think it would be best if I gave it more time to heal before putting a sock and a running shoe on it...not to mention the added pressure of running! Ouch!

2. Dinner. My husband needs me to make him food. He's in unable to do anything domestic himself these days.

3. The Gossip Girl Finale is tonight. I need to prepare by finding things for Fred to do so I can kick him out while I watch it.

4. Maybe I could go on a walk later instead

5. My hair looks awesome today. I'm not sure I should ruin it.

6. I ran two miles on Saturday...should that count for something?

Here are the reasons I'm GOING:

1. All of last years capris and shorts are a little snug on my bum

2. re-read the chubby girl tuck part at the top

3. its summer which equals swimming which does not equal jiggly anything

4. Sydney has convinced me to run the 5K with her during art city days. She's expecting me to die on the side lines...I'll show her.

5. I want to get a pair of designer jeans from my new "job" (details about that to come) but I won't until I look freakin' hot

6. I want to be a runner dang it!

So I'm off to the freakin' gym.


Abbey said...

Get off your bum and RUN!! Just kidding.. I have NO room to talk! I'm in your same boat.. at least you're working and doing something productive during the day.

TaylorClan said...

Break a leg... that will slow things down for you. Just kidding. you are a inspiration to us all. Wish you the best.

erica said...

Ahhh the pains of trying to stay in shape and lose the marriage lbs. I try and go to the gym with a co-worker 3 times a week and today is one of those days. So as I read your blog I was making a mental note of how to get out of it today! Then I kept reading and your do's out way the dont's so I guess...if I must...I too will be hitting the gym after work :(

Chelsie and Trace said...

I know it is really hard! I ran on Saturday and I have so much stuff that I need to do during the week that I can't run when I want to. But like they say you need to make time and just do it if the heat isn't to much I will go and do some kind of exercise today!

Laura W said...

Chana ~ Exactly what is that fitness expert of a husband of yours doing for exercise? We all hope to be smaller versions of ourselves when you guys come home to Arkansas in July.

Camille said...

You are hilarious. I am going to read your blogs more often. :)

erica said...

aww i love your updated layout! good work chan man...yeah that's what I like to call you sometimes.

Sydney said...

Tell me about this new job that you need designer jeans for????

Why can't Fred do anything domestic? Is he hurt or is he just a guy?

Thanks for the reminder about the 5K, I need to put the stuff in the mail TODAY!

Just think- the faster you run, the faster you get done:) {deep, I know}

Happy Running.....

Nancy/Bob said...

Don't forget you are suppose to be going to Lake Powell and you don't want to wear long pants there. I wonder if I can get your dad out to walk again. We did a 5K before but only once. You go for it girl. You can keep up with your older sister.

Team Rykert said...

All I have to say Chan is that you were definitely built low to the ground for speed! Just remember that as you are pounding out those miles! Pretty soon you'll forget your even running and you'll want to go further!