Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meet Sunny

On Friday, my awesome husband surprised me with a cruiser!

Her name is Sunny. While she's freaking gorgeous, she'll be getting a white basket for her handle bars.

We went to a BBQ on Friday night down in Ogden. He'd been running errands down there all day so when I got there with Blake and Aubrei I noticed the cruiser in the garage and made a comment about how I wanted one. He had our friend play along like it was hers and she let me ride it. They eventually told me it was really mine but I didn't believe them.

But yep! She's mine!

Thanks honey for the great surprise! I love her!

Oh and she'll be my mode of transportation to work this summer. I'm stickin it to the man and his gas prices!

action shots to come!


erica said...

oh i can't wait to see the action shots!

Abbey said...

Congratulations!! I know you've been wanting one for so so long... Man, Freds a stud!

I miss you Chan!

Nancy/Bob said...

I am glad that Fred has a truck so he can come and give you a ride home. Fred has been a positive influence on you and the outdoors I understand you are even going to run a race with Sydney. Look what married life has done for you.