Thursday, May 29, 2008

A memorial getaway

For memorial day we went to see my sister Sydney in the booming metropolis of Mountain Home, Idaho. It was a really fun trip.

Here are some of the highlights:

-Fred got to go golfing (of course)
-Fred also found a $300 iron for $25 bucks...what a steal!
-Syd and I made cards for her card exchange (turns out I can be crafty)

-Watching the boys play in the rain. Easton loved it!
-Mint Brownies (recipe coming soon) -long boarding with Gibson

-Fred falling asleep in the massage chair at the store
-Going to the BX (Love those government discounts!)
-playing on the tramp with Gibson
-seeing the scary resemblence of Easton and my dad
-running 2.5 miles with my sister...didn't die woot!
-Just hanging out with family

We're excited that they are moving back to Utah finally so that we'll be able to see them more!


The Railsback's said...

congrats on the bike how fun!!

thetaylors said...

Maybe you could come and visit us sometime. We're fun too! Plus the daily is HUGE right now. Fred would like it.

thetaylors said...

Are you guys coming down for Art City Days? If so I think it Fred and Jared should bring their clubs and we could go golfing on Friday, or Saturday afternoon. Think about and let me know.
PS- you need to come to Moab and check out our Segways. We are now in the segway business.