Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gullible Gullible Me

Okay I've been ordered to correct the post A Stinky Discovery.
The story is true. Blake TOLD me what happened.

Well it turns out that I'm gullable. I didn't get the real answer until after that was posted and I've kept forgetting to post the truth.

In reality, Andrew did not swallow Fred's 10lb ring. The ring was found in the depths of their lazy boy. Lame story.

I'll try to not be so gullible. Sorry to the believers out there. I didn't intentionally lead you on.
(that's what she said)


Cynthia said...

Oh I liked your old story better, but it must be comforting to Fred to know that it came out of a couch.

Jared and Davian said...

Ya, that story is now lame... just tell the Stinky Discovery one:) (Is his ring really 10lbs? or am I the gullible one now?)

So now you're Jared's new favorite person he LOVES to say "That's what she said!" You are just too funny! We are total Office junkies! The line is said all the time around here.