Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wedding Bliss

Like I said below, our excuse for running away to California was a wedding. Tadd and Kelly got married in the San Diego Temple. This temple is amazing! I wish we would have done a session to see more of it.

They met and dated in Phoenix but decided to get married in San Diego because when Kelly was a little girl, the temple was being built. Her family, who are not members, would drive passed and her dad would joke about that being their new house because they were unaware of what the building actually was. Kelly would always tell him no, that where I'm going to get married some day. So when Kelly was baptized and learned what the temple was she decided that some day she really would get married there.

Here are some pictures:


Jared and Davian said...

Those pictures are so pretty. The temple looks amazing!

Matthews Family said...

Wasn't that temple gorgious! It makes me want to get married again.