Monday, April 7, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,

We know that every year it's very difficult to decide what to get us for our birthdays. Since both of our birthdays are in July we thought that this year we'd give you ample time to prepare and purchase the perfects gifts for your favorite poor newlywed children.

You see we've been thinking about how we could make our parents lives easier. But how? We are no longer able to do acts of kindness around the house, sometimes emails and calls just don't cut it. Then Fred came up with a brillant idea. What makes our parents happier then making us happy? NOTHING right??

So FOR YOU we've decided to give you heads up on our birthdays, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Mother Goose and other random gifts of kindness you're planning by providing you with a couple of ideas:

1. Dirt Bikes

Fred isn't picky as long as it's at least a 400

but Chana wants to know if they come in pink...or teal?

2. Bikes
Because of the rise of the cost of gas, we've decided to ride our bikes to work this summer. We're hoping to not only help the environment and our pocket books but also loose this marriage weight.

This is Chana's Dream Bike...Pink? Weird. She'll gladly except: pink, blue, or teal

So thank you in advance for our wonderful gifts. We love you.


Fred and Chana

Oh and this is addressing both sets of parents...

Note: if anyone is selling any of the above for super cheap please let us (or our parents!) know!


Kelda said...

Hi Chana! Remember me!? :) I don't remember how I found your blog but I did! Looks like you are having a great time! Your trips sound fun!! I'm jealous! Did you meet Fred at USU? I have a blog if you ever wanna check it out. It's Talk soon!

Cynthia said...

You crack me up! Hey it's never to early to start getting ready for your birthday!

Jared and Davian said...

If some how this little post works on getting cool stuff for your birthday's, I will pay you to do a post on my blog for sweet stuff too! I feel like it Christmas. Nellie wants a pair of skates, Suzy wants a dolly.... Jared wants a Mac laptop and Davian wants a million dollars! Doesn't work as well with our names in there huh. Good luck!

Sydney said...

Maybe you should try a different angle- ask Erin to write the letter and see if you get results!

Kristina Curtis said...

Hi Chana! I found your blog through Davian! You and your hubby are so adorable. It looks like you two are having alot of fun! I thought I would let you know that I really like that bike! I have been in the market for one too...Good Luck!!

Britt said...

You guys are so funny. I personally like the pink one. I've secretly always wanted a beach bike-- the seats are super comfortable! I know, isn't it weird that there's another Chana-- she's actually my cousin. Thanks, I think Bella's gorgeous as well. She's seriously SO much fun! The hardest job I've ever had in my life, but also the most fun. I highly recommend being a mommy-- when you're ready of course ;0)

Nancy/Bob said...

Chana, You had a chance for a bike when you graduated from high school you didn't want one because you would have to have training wheels on it. Good luck with the gifts. I am sure that Fred's parents love you more than we do and will buy you your bikes. We accept being in second place.

Corinne Hoyt said...

Hey Chana! How is it going? It's me, Corinne Versluys, now Corinne Hoyt. How is life? Bikes are fun! Good thinking on using them more than a car. If I didn't have two kids I'd do the same thing!