Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cali Baby!

We are lucky enough to have friends who get married in cool places. This last week we were able to go on vacation to sunny San Diego for another wedding.

The weather was gorgeous, my legs were tan, and we were able to pack for both of us in one bag!

Check out Fred's short shorts....so hot!

This was Fred's first time seeing the ocean (that he can recall anyway). He was so funny to watch walking around the beach picking up sea shells and putting them in his pockets like he was a kid or something.

We met up with another mission buddy and his family while we were there. It was really fun.

While there we also went to a Padres game. This was my first Major league baseball game. It was really cool. We bought $10 tickets and then when we got lost, an attendent stopped us and told us to hang out for just a minute. We waited and the Director of Corporate Affairs came to talk to us and he put us down in the 34th row in the bottom section. It was awesome!

We want to go back really soon and do some more playin' in the ocean and maybe even attempt to surf!

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Jared and Davian said...

The beach and warm weather, lucky girl! It will probably snow again soon here in the freezing tundra of Utah! That is one thing I miss from living in California is going to the beach with my family playing in the water and enjoying the sun.