Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mini Vacay

Yesterday was amazing. I didn't want it to end.

Fred doesn't have school in Tuesdays and I finally had a day off from job #2 so I took the day off from job #1 and we hit the road to Tucson.

A few of our friends were down at a conference there so while they sat in classes - we sat at the pool. Did I mention it was amazing?

We sat in tubes circling a lazy river, basked in the sun on the lounge chairs, and just hung. out. When our friends finally finished we headed into Tucson for dinner. The food was only sub-par but the company was hilarious (and for the record - Tucson is ghetto).

What we didn't get? pictures. Nope not one.
Well except of a nasty tarantula found at the hotel that Fred picked up and wanted to bring home. He was really sad when I told him no. So then I felt bad and said he could but he had to hold the box on his lap the entire time but that the spider was not coming in the house. at all. He pouted but made the right decision to let the spider stay in Tucson.

How sad is it that that marks our first mini-vacay in AZ? Not the last.


thetaylors said...

We drove at least 8+ hours in the car on Saturday, so I think we may be visiting you sometime, maybe Feb or March? I know that is a bit in the future but the weather will be nice and we will need to get out of the cold. Will you still be there?

kate said...

Go to Sedona! It's like a perfect weekend getaway (about 2 hours) and it's cooler up there! I'm sure you're dying for those temps by now!

Miss you and believe it or not I miss AZ!