Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One day...

while I was gone I was talking to Fred on the phone. He was in a hurry because he was trying to pack, clean, and finish homework for school before heading up to Utah [to be reunited with his beautiful wife who he'd realized he couldn't possible live without another second...too far?]

So me on the other end, eating her 115th peanut butter bar ($%#@ deliciousness) got a little excited over the words 'cleaning'. In my head I thought, 'YESSS he finally gets it!! He's going to have the house clean so when I get back I don't stress!'

This is where someone, anyone, should have punched me. then laughed in my face over the possible idea of Fred cleaning the entire house. But no one did.

when he finally got to Utah, someone made a comment about him cleaning the whole house and how they were impressed. He quickly explained that he accidentally left some clothes on the couch - because he was in such a rush trying to do laundry and pack.

Well, fast forward a few days to when we get home. 'Clean the House' must have meant cleaned up after myself...a little. Because he literally didn't clean anything. Anything I'd left out was still out and some clothes on the couch? No. All his clothes were there. sigh.

How does one train a man?

and next time - someone please punch me at any sign of belief.


thetaylors said...

Let me know when you figure it out. Sigh.

kate said...

Oh man. I went to texas for a week once and didn't wash a single dish. I was ticked. I've since learned not to count on the house being cleaned when I return. If he does, it's a pleasant return.

Jarrett and Sydni said...

Ha ha total guy for ya!! Mine is the same way and wonders what I do all day, i'd do a lot more if I wasn't always cleaning up after HIM!

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

just don;t do it! When I was 1st married I didn't want to haul trash down 3 flts of stairs so I didn't and he wouldn't... I let it sit until he got sick of it and to this day I do not take out the trash unless he is gone for an exttended period of time... He also knows to have the house clean (its been 13 years) when I get home from a trip. I can't count on my plants being alive, but the house is clean... it can happen

Laura W said...

Oh Chana, it was your peanut butter bar delirium listening! What he actually said was "he was packing clean" meaning he was not dirty himself!