Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Big 3-0

Yesterday was the day Fred had been dreading for the last year. The day he turned the

BIG 3-0.

If I were one of those bloggers that was more on the cheesy side than on the sarcastic side I'd probably make this a post about how much I love him and how I'm so lucky that I married such a great man.

I'd probably add something about how his amazing drive and attitude really helps me be a better person and how I love that he's always encouraging me to try something new or find a new hobby.

I'd probably give 30 reasons why I love the guy and most of them would produce verge-of-gagging results to anyone that happened upon this here blog. You know stuff like: I love how he can always make me smile even when I'm really mad or I love the way he snuggles me in the morning.

I'd post a million pictures of him - because I would have made him take a bunch of pictures by himself...just for this occasion.

But instead I'll wish my hubby a happy 30th birthday, post a semi-embarrassing picture, and sum it all up with I love you babe and man you're old!!


Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

Happy Birthday Fred!!! Hope you had an awesome day! Can't wait for the Moab trip with you guys!!

Sydney said...

Jared wants to know if we can borrow those DVD's! We need a good laugh around here!

kate said...

Happy Birthday Fred!

Geez. You are old.