Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The District

Once in DC the good times began. We started the night out by heading to Di's to change then to dinner in Shirlington and then to see the monuments at night.

note to self: humidity + jeans = nastiness.

Day 2:

Di had to work so Maur, Kim, and I headed into the city by ourselves. We hit a couple Smithsonians, a Capitol tour, then to the Burger Joint, and to the Washington D.C. LDS Temple.

Day 3:

The four of us hit Eastern Market which was one of my favorites - except I was totally unsuccessful. Everyone found something they couldn't live without...but me. Good thing the people watching made up for it.

After Eastern Market, we headed to the American History Museum, then to Georgetown where we did some shopping (again unsuccessful) and to Georgetown Cupcake.

Day 4:

My favorite day. We went to Mount Vernon - George Washington's Estate. I loved it. It was beautiful and surprisingly spiritual.

In the museum, we learned that leaning too close in the displays will set off the alarm (that sounds for a looong time).

Then to more monuments
money now...

Day 5:

Headed to the Holocaust Museum to start our day off depressed...(side note: found a book where the main characters name is Chana. Yep. I bought it.) Then to Ford's Theater where Abe Lincoln was shot and then to the house where he died. We attempted to get some good shots in front of Obama's house but it was blocked off for some reason (Guess he forgot about our lunch date. Disappointing.).

Upon exiting the plane and loving that there was no humidity... I called my amazing husband who was not only surprised my plane got in 20 minutes early but was also on hole 16.
Golf just might be the death of someone...


Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

What a fun trip!! I'm jealous. I love the picture of all you guys jumping. How did you do that?!

Jared and Delia said...

I love your classic Chana jumping pictures!

That is so Fred to be golfing when he is supposed to be coming to pick you up from the airport.

Amanda said...

you should have called, you know I am only nine min away from the airport!! looks like you had a fun trip!

(know your sis in law always does this, but this one is really funny... my word verification is coutshi---sound it out. hilarious!!)

Anonymous said...

Fun!!! Looks like you had a blast!! Soooo jealous!