Sunday, August 16, 2009


I love blogs. I love reading them...and writing them. And I've loved the new blogs of people I only know through the bloggersphere.

Here are my favorites and worth reading everyday (or multiple times a day like I tend to…)

-An Experiment in Poverty. Jasmine is my favorite blogger. I love her honesty, love of life, and pretty much everything she blogs about. I also love that she comments back to you.

-Rockstar Diaries. Naomi is an East Coast LDS but native Utah girl. Her blog is fab. That's all there is to it.

-CommuniKate by TeleGraham. I actually know this one - but not very well (yet!). She is a great blogger and reminds me to take time to do the little things because they are the most fun.

What blogs are your favorite?? I'm always looking for more to add to my google reader.

(Side note: looove google reader)


jasmine said...

awwww! thanks chana! you're so sweet! :)

farmgirl said...

How unfortunate that we have met. And you spent the weekend at my house once upon a time. Other wise, I'm sure I would be your #1 bloggershpere buddy. Right? RIGHT??