Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ready to Go!

  • Bags packed - check
  • more clothes than days on the trip - check
  • Ward Activity fliers made and divided - check
  • a little cash - check
  • survival food for the hubby (Totinos pizza rolls and pizzas) - check
  • 4 hours at the airport waiting for flight - check
  • trying not to look too awkward taking a picture of myself sitting next to a random outlet in a hallway - check

which is why this is blurry!

I'm ready for my Girls weekend in DC with my besties!
(We miss you Kellie!)


kate said...


have fun!

Jared and Delia said...

Have fun! I knew that you were leaving today but not at 4 am. I brought over some lavender and a note in my jammies so I wouldn't miss you but alas...I did.

Have a blast!

The Railsback's said...

Um I wish I were going on a fun vaca!

Will & Camie Shill said...

how fun you are moving here! and yes for sure you need to sub for BUNCO...

not sure how much yet but i will be posting again as it gets closer if i decide to do them!