Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jump in it's going to be a bumpy ride!

if you know me - you know I want out of Cache Valley. Love this place...but I want OUT!

Fred and I met in my final semester at USU. I graduated then we married in the fall and have been continuing Fred's education ever since.

At one point his adviser told him December of '09 - then it was December of '11. We've been trying to speed things along by Fred only doing school and Chana only working (I hate the person who thought of this). So far it seems as though we are running in place.

Well our prayers were answered when Fred went to the CORRECT adviser the other day who told him he can graduate in December of 2010 - 5 semesters...yes ladies and gentlemen...that's including summers. I guess the answer to our prayers is 'sit down, shut up, and enjoy the freakin' ride'.

Are we there yet?


Noahr said...

Hey Charga, glad to see you are doing well. To be honest, I'm a little envious you are living it up in Cache Valley. The wide open spaces sounds pretty awesome. Thanks for the no-pants-subway-ride link, who knew wearing pants would make me feel so out of place, but that's NYC for you. If you guys ever need to get out of Logan and pay us a visit we welcome you.

Amanda said...

YAY for a graduation date...FINALLY!!!! That is exciting, huh??? Well, I am glad to hear it and I know you guys are too!!!

Laura W said...

Yeah another big date for us! I guess that Sister Tuke was the right person to talk to?

Amanda said...

Bout time mo diggity!! So we get Christmas in Utah next year, holla!!!! I can't wait!