Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Runners:

I am training for my death in the Ragnar. During my training I've started getting shin splints worse than I've ever gotten them before and my foot/leg hinge kiiiilllls after awhile - Usually for the first 1.5 miles I am in agony and unless I take drugs before I start OR walk and cry the rest of my run then I don't finish.

I've asked a bunch of people what they think and the common answer is shoes. So I'm beginning my search for a pair of new running shoes. So here is my question: Have you ever been fitted for a pair of running shoes? I mean where you go to a running store and they make you do a couple different things to determine the type of shoe you need. If yes, where? How was it? What'd they do?

If no, why not? Would you?

Any tips or pointers would be much appreciated!



Amanda said...

Dear Runner-
I think the reason you are getting this Hinge-Hurts is because you are training for the wrong team. The only solution to this is to switch over to a team called 'We Need More Cowbell' -team #10- I really believe that this will fix your problem. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks for your concerns.
Amanda M. Webb

Karli said...

Chana! I am currently training for a half marathon and while I am not in need of new shoes yet, I know I will need some new ones sometime before the race. There is a store here that does the whole 'fit for running shoes' thing and I have only heard the very best things. When I get new shoes I will for sure be doing this. My sister in law has run a few marathons and halfs and has been fitted for shoes a few different times. She loves it and swears by it. Good luck!!

Jared and Delia said...

Yay! Good for you. I am clueless about shoes and running. So...good luck!

Annie Duckworth said...

I have never been fitted for shoes but hear good things about it. I will be doing that soon. I have been training as well and hadn't had a problem until the other day. I felt like I was being stabbed over and over again. THE WORST. What I figured out is that I had tied my shoes too tight that day. Definitely invest in good shoes but meanwhile check the tension of your tie.

Anonymous said...

Joseph's brother is an avid runner and does multiple marathons a year. Joseph had CRAPPY shoes when he started running to get in shape for basic. His brother told him to go the The Runners Corner in Orem and they do different tests on you to see how you run and fit you with the perfect shoe. He hasn't had any problems since then.

Nancy/Bob said...

Chana, Ask your big sister. She was fitted for a pair of shoes. I think it was worth it. I got fitted in Spanish Fork at the MVP sports store. Yes it does make a difference. Good luck with the run. Sorry we won't be there to cheer you on. We will be on the Colorado River getting wet. Love Mom

Sydney said...

Get fitted for your shoes. I went to a place that had me run on a treadmill while they recorded my run. They were then able to determine what shoe was best for me. It's free and really worth it. My feet don't go numb anymore and I have the stability I need.

There's a place in Sandy called Wasatch Running, Runners Corner in Orem and MVP in Spanish Fork. I'm sure there's a million more, just google it and it will be worth it.

also, is your shoe a 1/2 to a whole size larger than what you normally wear? If not, you need it to be to allow you room- if your shoe is too tight, that may be some of your problem too.

So when is this run? Let me know and maybe I'll meet you at the finish line....there's always food at the finish line right??

Pommerville said...

I am so sorry for your legs I have never been fitted for shoes but I do know of a place called Striders it is in Layon by the mall. They do a great job and I have heard that people realy like them. Any way give me a call and I can tell you how to get ther. Good luck on you running
Corian Pmmerville

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! keep 'em coming! I'll be heading to a running store this weekend!

Eric and Heather said...

You really do nee shoes fitted for you. It makes a world of difference!!! I went to Peak Preformance in Ogden to do the test there. Eric gets all his shoes there, so he knows the owner well. Good luck with the Ragner relay! Eric did it last year and is looking forward to it this year. Tons of fun!!!!!